Probably the most ergonomic manual valve in the world

Teemer is a new convenient kind of manual valve, which is easy to use due to its ergonomic shape. For user convenience we offer teemer in two versions, with straight and angle ending. Depending on what we need to do, we can attach different nozzles to the endings. As a result we get a device for pouring or pumping out liquids. A special version “S-teemer” may serve as a portable bidet, a valve for washing hands or a shower.

Straight ending serves mainly for precise application of liquids, e.g. demineralized water to batteries, cooling systems, irons and other devices requiring the use of demineralized water. It is possible to pour liquids with a steady stream or single drops.

Angle ending gives the opportunity of attaching additional nozzles to the device. We created different types of nozzles for both technical applications (pouring and pumping out), as well as hygienic applications (portable shower and bidet). This solution enables directing precise stream to specific place.

An elongated nozzle allows both precise dispensing and aspirating the liquid from any container. It is a perfect solution when you need to pump out summer screenwash to replace it with liquid suitable for winter. We give you an overall solution. It is possible to drain the fluid directly into the Doypack package, where it can be stored for reuse. You may also store liquids in doypacks when it is inadvisable to pour them directly into sewers.